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Hi, I’m Susie!  A teacher by profession turned stay at home mom of two, “Noodle” who is 2.5 and “Butter” who is 6 months.  I loved every minute of teaching but always wanted and prayed for my current role of wife and mom.  For as chaotic as my days and nights are I wouldn’t trade any of it for life on the other side- I think most moms feel the same way.  Though most days are filled with not crossing anything off of my To-Do list, undone laundry and last minute dinner decisions, my children and my husband are my world.  So, I’ve adopted a new favorite quote (here).  This blog is really the product of encouragement from the hubs and my mom and close friends who’ve asked about the activities I’m doing at home with Noodle and Butter.  It’s all about having a spot to keep track of what I’m doing while helping other mommas generate enthusiasm, encouragement and new ideas for life with their littles.

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The Story of Buttered Noodles:
When I was pregnant with our son “Butter”, our daughter “Noodle” came up with the nicknames.  She takes a My Gym class and a classmate of hers has a nickname, “Moose”.  For a while I think she had to really think about the fact that the boy was not actually a moose, but that’s what he was called. So, on the way home from gym one day she asked why (the boy’s) name was “Moose”.  We had a brief discussion about nicknames and went back to singing.  Later that night we talked again about it and I asked if she too wanted a nickname.  We talked about where a nickname might come from, talked about her interests, likes and so on and I asked, “So, what do you want your nickname to be?”  To which she confidently replied, “Noodle” like she had just been waiting for me to ask.  It stuck immediately.  I love that it came from her and that it’s really unique.  Since I was preggers, we all decided the baby (whose gender was unknown until birth) also needed a nickname.  Again, we turned to Noodle and, without any prompting from us, she deemed the baby “Butter”.  It turned out the baby was a boy and we later chuckled at the thought of her “knowing” in some deep sibling way, that she was having a brother.  Either way, life is a big bowl of butter and noodles.


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