Corny Jokes

Here’s a little gift from me to you.

A while back I blogged about our trips to the grocery store. We have SO MUCH FUN at the grocery store. Let me let you in on something… I don’t really give a hoot about what other shoppers think. I’m having fun with my kids, we are not damaging anything or raising a fuss to interfere with other people’s concentration and very often people smile or chuckle or comment. Some of the more memorable comments are: an older gentleman motioned to the kids as we walked by and asked if he could tag along with us.  Later as he passed he said, “Ya know how Home Depot does the kids’ activity days? You should write up some stories to give out at the grocery store for other folks.  I’d read ’em!”  (So, I’m working on that.)  Another woman and I kept crossing paths.  She was elderly and very sweet looking so I don’t think she was casing us.  Don’t worry.  But we got to the onions and Butter and I were shopping- just the two of us!!- so we stopped and compared red and white, measured the red ones on the scale and read the numbers on the scale and then pretended we were juggling and used them as red clown noses.  We talked about some sad stores the onion would tell (because onions always tell the sad stores that make you cry).  Near the bananas when were were calling each other, she asked if I was a teacher.  LOL.  I AM a teacher- or was.  Now I just play with produce and my 2 year old.  Another woman stopped and just watched us pick out green beans as they pole vaulted off each other into the CPB (clear plastic bag).  She asked later if she could come with us and that it looked like we had a lot of fun.  She said we made her day.

I’m not telling you this because I want to pat myself on the back.  I think it’s worth sharing because our silliness brings others some smiles.  Most of the time we go shopping mid morning on a Wednesday.  Or some off time when not many people are in the store.  That’s intentional.  It’s hard to manage all three in the store.  I’m happy when it’s quieter.  But it’s also when you find the store filled with the grammies and the papas who wear their veteran’s caps.  We thank them and shake their hands.  Sometimes we find someone who served in Korea, just like our Poppy did.  We made him a poppy flower on Veteran’s Day and we see this man has a red poppy flower on his coat.  We smile a little more gently because he reminds us of our Poppy.  Or we meet the retiree who is just out running errands.  Or other moms who are doing the same thing with the same intentionality.  We laugh together in front of the peanut butter– who’s nuttier, us or them?!  Sharing joy is important for my kids to learn.  Finding joy in simple things like shopping at the grocery store is also important.

So here’s my gift to you.  The next time you’re at the farm stand or the grocery store or wherever you buy corn, stand quietly by the corn–  SHHHH!!! they’re a little shy.  Put your ear next theirs.  Listen for the ones who tell the corny jokes.  That’s the one you want to take home!!!  Memorize a few before you go.  Tell jokes!  You won’t have a single issue getting them to go back with you the next time.  In fact, if they’re like mine- they’ll ask to go and look forward to the trip. Corny Jokes for Your Next Trip to the Grocery Store

Have a great corny joke????  PLEASE SHARE!!!

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