Let it Go

Noodle is 4.5. For 4.2 years I’ve been ‘worried’ I’m far too fly by the seat of my pants and too unscheduled. When she was the only I had a nice schedule and I’d get the house cleaned, meals planned and so on. Now Butter is 2.5yo and Turkey is 8mo and it’s a little more work. (And by little I mean a lot).
I’ve started to just pray on all of this more lately and *tonight* like the voice of God answering my prayer, Noodle says to me while we are brushing teeth, “mommy I think we should do… Art on monday, bug collecting tuesday, crafties wednesday, I don’t know what Thursday and we should change our beds on Friday before we go on vacation…” We wrote it down and came up with a ‘schedule’ I’m so excited about! It was her idea so she’s totally ready to take part in the activities instead of me planning and ‘dragging’ her thru (some times). I’m so excited. Seriously. I’m going to put this on a larger paper with a ‘mommy chore’ ‘my chore’ and ‘meal’ for the day and maybe be a little more together in life. ‪#‎letgoletGod‬ ‪#‎sayyes‬


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