More Little Story Tellers

Here are a few more “books” Noodle and Butter have created:

Butter was eager to get in on the action the same day as Noodle’s masterpiece first work.  We fished some Sesame Street on safari stickers out of our sticker box and he went to town.  He manipulated them onto the page (awesome fine motor work) and then I sat with him and asked him the story.  “Who is this?” “Big Bird.”  “What is he doing?” “Oh no!! Bummie!”  “Who is this?”  “(e)-lephant.  Shovel.”  “What are Ernie and Abby doing?”  “Running. Friends!”
IMG_5243 IMG_5244

He wrote another one today with construction vehicles.  He’s all about “One day…” these days.  I’m all about hearing his sweet voice chime in to storytelling.

This next one of Noodle’s came the day after her first masterpiece.  It’s much simpler in its story, but she did the entire thing herself.  She got the paper, folded it, stapled it with our “big stapler” and did the writing.  (We’re working on the “s”.)  When she was done writing and illustrating, she brought it to me (I was sitting across the table) and I wrote the story she narrated.


“Family Together”


“One day, Sarah, Peter and Isaac were playing outside in a field.”  “Mommy and Daddy were watching them play.  They played tag.”
(In this picture I am wearing a dress.  <3)


“Grammy and Poppy are holding hands to be happy.  (They love being with us.)  They had a cross above them.”  “Nanny and Papa loved being with Sarah, Peter and Isaac, too.  They always love us.  And they love us again.”


“Our house.  We always love being at our big beautiful house.”

“The End”

I love their creativity.  I love their desire.  I love everything about this.  And I love that we’ll just keep going!!!

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