A Full Tank for the Journey

Hi Friends!
It has been a long time. Wayyy too long. And I miss this spot- my chair. Alone in the quiet with a big glass of water I can drink without having to unwrap cheese sticks or clean up shredded paper towel.

It has been a long time since I’ve posted, but I have not for a minute given up on this. We have added a little Turkey to the dinner plate of kiddos. He was born on Thanksgiving day during our 14″ snowstorm/blizzard/3-day power outage. We live in the northeast. It was quite an adventure getting to the hospital, but he has filled our lives with such richness and I am thankful for SO many blessings.

As a mom of three though, my life has changed dramatically. Remember that whole ‘living with intention’ thing? Well, it’s been rough. Really rough. Between pregnancy hormones and postpartum hormones, having three babies and high expectations, I’m just starting to see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The past few days have driven me forward dramatically. Let me tell you why…

Like I said, we live in the northeast. From Thursday night through this afternoon I attended the MassHOPE Convention in Worcester, MA.  WOW.  What an uplifting experience.  I have been writing blog posts online and in my head but haven’t posted any.  They are either unnecessarily long and complicated or not tested in my own environment.  It hasn’t been authentic.  I’m here to tell you however, I’ve been reenergized and rejuvenated.  And I have to share what I’ve discovered.  The Homegrown Preschooler.  Do you have a preschooler?  You need to discover them too.

As we’ve done activities, I spend hours on Pinterest dreaming of the amazing (product driven) projects Noodle and Butter and I are going to create and use to decorate the house, mail to family and friends or just simply love doing.  Some of the time that happens.  Sometimes I set things up, put in a load of laundry, the baby cries, the two year old falls and has a bump that needs tending to and I end up wondering “where am I going- and why and I in this hand-basket?!?!”.  Sometimes I get so caught up in “pinning” nothing actually gets done.  However, at MassHOPE I attended a session that in some way seemed “familiar”.  Has that ever happened to you?  As it turns out, some of my kids’ activities came from the creativity of Kathy Lee and Lesli Richards.  Two women I had never met, but knew.  Their words were inspiring and backed by passionate understanding and scientific research based information.  Using a diagram of a preschool- “Why would you send your child (who’s character development is mostly formulated by age 6) to a preschool, when the layout of a preschool mimics the home!  They have a play kitchen, you have… a kitchen.  They have pots and pans/play food… you have pots and pans/real food!”  Like, DUAH!?  Why didn’t I see that?!  WHICH IS NOT meant to make you feel horrible if your kiddos are in preschool!  Only that this was like the voice of God speaking directly to me, answering my indecision on sending Noodle to preschool next year.  More to come on what I heard loudest at MassHOPE.  So anyway, these ladies, who combined, have 15 children, wrote a curriculum specifically for preschoolers ages 3-7.  A Year of Playing Skillfully.  EVERYTHING in one place.  Very little planning on my part other than thinking about the interests of my individual children and setting up.  Since I have three little ones, I bought it.  I bought it because I can’t wait to dive in and start.  I’m confident that this is sure to not only inspire, but give our path some much needed direction.  My plan is to start preparing, start executing May 1 and begin a local Co-Op.  I hope you’ll join me along the way!

I could go on and on about MassHOPE and The Homegrown Preschooler, but for the sake of length, bias and accuracy, I advise you to check out both.  If you don’t live in the northeast and want to find a Homeschool Convention, contact the Homeschool organization in your state, or do a quick search online for organizations like MassHOPE or Great Homeschool Conventions.  OR, email me.  I’m happy to help you do some research!

I’d love to know where you on your homeschool path!  Please share!

Big hugs on your homeschool journey!

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