A Little Something for Mom

A few of my friends have Mother’s Necklaces.  They are precious.  And beautiful.  Each time we are together I think about how I would like to have one like theirs.  They each have different ones, but the one I am drawn to most is the one with the child’s name and the little hand prints.  There’s just something precious and forever about those baby hands.

But I’m not the type to see that around my friend’s neck and go get the same one.  So, like I don’t have enough on my list to do, I spent some time on Etsy.  A favorite time-waster of mine.

Since my Noodle and Butter are so precious I had to find something that would represent them in something I could wear all day, every day.  So a-hunting I went.  And finding some beautiful options, I decided to turn my search to pendants and make something of my own.  So I searched for noodle pendants, and then butter pendants.  Though the selection was not large, thanks to Moon Raven Designs and Gold Chest Jewelry, I have the perfect Mother’s Necklace!!!  I’m so excited about this necklace!


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