Not So Scary Pumpkins

Noodle has gotten to the point where she is asking to do crafts.  And this reality is my own personal heaven on earth.

When we went apple picking recently we bought the perfect personal-size decorating pumpkin ever.  I couldn’t resist their toddler size manageability so we got a few.  Today our fall craft was decorating the pumpkins.

PaintPaint brush(es)
Glitter tray (we use an old tray to catch the excess)
Googly eyes

Noodle picked out some paint, sat in Butter’s high chair and went to town painting. IMG_0133 IMG_0135

When she was done painting, she glittered it all up, making sure to hold the cap back on the shaker bottle.  (Love that she did it all on her own!)

IMG_0136 Then we glued on the eyes, err, eye.  Meet Cyclops.  🙂 IMG_0138 Observing her masterpiece!



One turned into two.  They were so much fun!!! IMG_0141

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