Fun in a Fort

The past few days have been perfect fort-building weather here in NH.  The temperature is blanket appropriate and fleece and soft socks have come out to join us.  What better time to build a fort and cozy up for some stories?

Here’s how I did it:
We used chairs from the arts and crafts table, the shopping cart, the princess castle and the floor chair.  The first day of building I used a heavier blanket and “weights” (our library bag filled with books, pillows, a Boppee and heavier blankets) to secure the “roof” blanket.  I liked the heavier blanket because it was really dark and cozy inside.  It was somewhat successful but fell easily. I found a box that thought would act as roof support, but Noodle quickly employed it as her door.  It was great to see her using it like that!  I love when I have an idea for something practical and she has a total different idea.  It is amazing to watch her creative process and get to see her brain at work!

IMG_0147 IMG_0148 IMG_0149 Today when I built the fort I used a much thinner blanket and bag clips- like for keeping chips from going stale.  I keep a bag of them in my kitchen and rarely use them for their actual purpose.  Every once in a while I consider getting rid of the bag, but on account of it not taking up too much space, keep it.  Today I was glad I have them.  They were a perfect addition to our fort-building and fine-motor skill builder.  Noodle loved pinching them onto the blanket.


Both kids had such a fun time exploring in and around the fort.  Noodle really got into building and loved the addition of scarf walls.  We will definitely be doing this…everyday.

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