C Week, part 2

Our second C week started because we went to the grocery store– a normal Monday activity.  Our grocery store has the best- the bestcarousel.  Since Noodle also possesses a true love for horses and Mary Poppins- specifically the carousel scene, this carousel is a particular favorite.  So she’s riding the carousel and and I’m thinking, ‘Carousel starts with C, let’s do something with this.’  So we had a conversation about it, and she loved her ride.  It was nothing special at all, and certainly no planning on my part- just using an ordinary moment to bring something she already enjoys to a teachable moment.


Because Noodle is enjoying princess stories, I find myself frequently in the midst of princess make-believe-land (which I love).  Since I save everything, I quickly went to the basement for a paper roll and we made this crown.  I first saw this idea at Meet The Dubiens and it’s pinned here.  But, the original was made with Washi Tape and I didn’t have any in the house. So we just used good old fashioned crayons.  I had a piece of elastic from a birthday party hat and secured it to this crown through whole-punched holes.  We wrote “crown” on it.  She loves it!  So simple.


Another attention grabbing activity was Glow-In-The-Dark Princesses. Namely Cinderella.  We found a great sticker/story book and both the stickers and pages had glow-in-the dark.  It gave us the chance to learn to use the flash light and have a little (ok, a lot) fun too.


Lastly, we made our own Cloud Dough and made cake for Baby’s birthday.  We have a number of babies and it seems like it’s always one of their birthdays.  If it’s not babies’ birthday it’s Minnie’s or Daisy’s.  I’d normally look for any excuse to make a real cake, but if I did it for every pretend birthday I’d have to start taking insulin.  We love Cloud Dough and my super-simple recipe came from Kids Activities Blog.  Don’t spend another penny buying Cloud Dough, use that extra bottle of conditioner straight out of your closet and corn starch from your kitchen to create your own.  Measure 1 part conditioner to 2 parts corn starch and mix.  We selected Freesia conditioner that was light purple so we not only had color, but also a pleasant scent.  The only other thing we added was glitter, of course.  The best thing about this recipe for dough is that it’s easily re-constituted if it gets a little to dry and crumbled.  Just add a small amount of water (1 Tbsp at a time) and mix well.  Then Noodle made cake for Baby using Legos and all of the items in her Play Dough box.


The best part about this “C” week is that everything happened really naturally- with almost no advanced planning on my part.  Either a lot of things we do start with the letter C or it was just meant to be.  Either way, we had a lot of fun- both of us!  Let us know what you’re doing for your C week!

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