Thank You Cows for Giving Us Milk, and other reasons to love “C” week

We had a lot of fun with our first C week!  Yes, our first.  We did two weeks of “C” because we had so much fun in the first week, and I had lots of fun ideas for a whole other week.

As much as I can, I like to try to do a carry-over from the previous week.  Something to just keep things cohesive.  Since B week was all about butterflies, and we talked all about caterpillars, I thought it would be cute to read Charlie the Caterpillar by Dom DeLuise (who, as a child, was a favorite of mine from All Dogs Go To Heaven).  Charlie is an adorable caterpillar who struggles with not being accepted by the other “cooler” animals.  In the end, he uses his experience to help another caterpillar facing the same disappointment.  Lots of cute pictures and good conversation starters.


Activity wise, Monday we started with a plan for attending an agricultural fair at the end of the week.  It was a perfect fit for my continuing goal of trying to take our activities out of our house.  I knew we’d see cows. So, we started the week just playing with some cows.  Noodle loves milk and all things dairy, so I often hear her saying, “Thank you cows for giving us milk.”   While we played we talked: What do cows eat? Where do cows live?  What besides milk do cows give us (ice cream, cheese, steak, etc…), Who are the cows’ friends on the farm?  How do cows talk?  and so on.

20130903_sbs_i5_2139 We made up stories about cows and read Moo Who? by Margie Palatini.  It’s a story about a cow with a case of amnesia.  She meets other animal friends who remind her that she, in fact, moos.  It was a cute story of reclaiming identity, but some details way over my 2.5 year old’s head.  She enjoyed it though and we read it throughout the week.

20130903_sbs_i5_2144 We also did some construction.  We are having some work done on our house, so we visited the building site and then came in and built our own version of what’s going on outside.  We even did some demo too!


20130903_sbs_i5_2134 20130903_sbs_i5_2135

 Then we moved on to arts and crafts, making our cow mask.  We made two- one for Noodle and one for her friend who we were going to the fair with.

20130906_sbs_i5_2226 The cows we own served as inspiration for our masks.  The mask we made is from a paper plate (cut in half), black marker, glue, foam shapes, craft sticks (not shown) and painters tape.  I drew black semi-circles and had Noodle color them in, found some flower foam shapes for her hair, pink heart shape foam shapes for her nose and cut black foam semi-circles and glued them on.  We used blue painters tape and craft (Popsicle) sticks to create a handle.


And we love our paper plate letters!  This cow is made from tracing Noodle’s foot and some artful coloring- again, using our cows as inspiration (color).  We also love googlie eyes!



This cow was only a week old and so soft.  Noodle loved spending time petting her and thanking her for giving us milk… I’m sure she’ll relay the message, do you think?  🙂

20130906_sbs_i5_2228 Going to the fair with our cow mask and having ice cream was the perfect end to our “C” week.  Of course, anytime there’s ice cream it’s a good day!  What C activities are you doing??

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